Lately, I’ve been thinking. I want you to be happier.

Hi friends! 
I was listening to one of my favorite bands ever, Bastille, today. I love their song with Marshmello named Happier.   (OK, I may have a bias because I studied at Oxford University and love Dan Smith's English accent and Bastille's synth-pop style.)
(Cue the music video here: )
The song sounds great, makes me want to dance, and the video is really quite touching. 
The video also honestly makes me a bit sad because I’ve lost several pets throughout my life. But it also makes me awestruck by how amazing our pets are to us. They are truly angels. (Have you ever spelled DOG backwards?! ;p)
Our pets always want to raise our spirits. They greet us after being gone for a short period of time like we’ve been gone for years.  What an amazing gift. Is that why we always want our pets to be happy?
I rescued my Miniature Schnauzer more than eight years ago. (Before I randomly found her in an internet search one night, I did not know much about her breed.) I felt something in my heart when I saw her. I looked at hundreds of dogs online that night, but kept going back to her. 
I sent an email to her foster home and immediately planned to drive several hours to meet her the next day. When we met, she was a panic-stricken statue. I learned she had been abused for two years in a puppy mill that had recently been closed down by the police. Her condition was a heart-breaking realization that I had not anticipated.  
She was frozen with fear. She did not resemble a typical dog. She did not move her nose, eyes, or ears. It took me more than a year to see her to act like a normal doggie —sometimes- and that was only in the privacy of our own home with her close family members. 
When we left the house or traveled anywhere, she reverted back to a super high-intensity anxious state.
Over the recent years, we’ve been so blessed to gain access to the very best CBD in the world. I travel the world and have researched CDB so much. All the way down to the specific farms and growing techniques.
Today, my doggy, who is now 10 years old, gets the best quality CBD to help her relax in any setting, wag her tail and be a really happy doggie. Bexley|CBD full spectrum hemp oil makes my little angel a happy puppy when she is stressed!  
With Bexley|CBD, she now lives free from anxiety and fear all the time.
If you have a furry friend who suffers from anxiety, I hope you take the opportunity to share the freedom from anxiety that Bexley|CBD provides! 
For now, may I suggest you listen to Bastille's Happier song and enjoy the vibes! Sing out loud if you can, Lately, I’ve been thinking. I want you to be happier.”
Hopefully you have your very best furry friend with you, or at least in your heart! 
With love,

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